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My career has involved a diverse range of skills over its many years, and I’ve enjoyed the variety of clients and industries that I’ve been able to be serve. The common thread that seems to run through all of my work over the years is visual communication.

It may be presenting information on a web page in an appropriately consumed way, or writing code to accomplish the navigational ends required. It may be developing a logo that both represents an organization’s purpose and conveys a particular aesthetic feeling, or animating a video that expresses a concept (or a story) clearly and appealingly.


Frequently Asked Questions

So what exactly do you do?

Very short answer: I’m a web designer and animator. (Depending on the inquirer, I might simply say, “I work with computers.”) I create and maintain websites, produce explainer videos and 2D cartoon animation, and design graphic elements for social media and other promotional efforts.

These types of projects involve many different tasks — like programming/coding, image editing (“Photoshopping”), storyboard sketching, cartooning and caricature, logo design, audio editing, music production, voice talent casting, video editing and compositing, file conversion, text processing, undoing, troubleshooting, fixing, and all sorts of decision-making on user interfaces, text content, images, fonts, colors, third-party vendors, etc. Mostly I do these as part of a larger project, but sometimes they’re requested à la carte.


How do you pronounce Stofka?

It’s “STOFF-kuh” (rhymes with Kafka). My paternal grandmother from Slovakia told me it was originally spelled Stovka and was a slang term for “a hundred bucks.”


What sort of websites do you work on?

My clients are businesses and other organizations, in many different industries. Projects range from simple brochure sites to larger sites with more sophisticated elements such as custom database connectivity, membership, and PDF generation. If a project calls for something I don’t provide directly (such as SEO or copywriting) I have a network of colleagues I can pull in for assistance.


Do you use WordPress?

Yes, pretty much exclusively. Starting in 1995 with building sites “by hand” with a text editor, my workflow has changed a lot over the years. Over a decade ago I got turned onto WordPress, and (happily for me) it turned out to be the most use content management system for the World Wide Web.


Can you help with a website that someone else developed?

Likely yes. I have done complete redesigns of preexisting websites but also have been hired to make updates and troubleshoot established sites.


What if we don’t have a website?

I can design and build one for you!


Do you provide web hosting?

No. I’ve worked on sites hosted at various companies and can point you in the right direction if you don’t have a company in mind. And if I’m building a new site for you, setting up your hosting is part of the package.


What sort of animation do you do?

I specialize in 2D animation for both character animation and motion graphics, using a range of software but mainly Photoshop, Moho Pro, and After Effects. For character animation I a use combination of frame-by-frame technique and 2D rigs. Much of my inspiration comes from classical (Disney/Warner/MGM) and mid-century modern (Hanna-Barbera/UPA) studio cartoons.


Do you do explainer videos?



Can you animate our mascot?

Yes! If you’ve got a model sheet or a few drawings of your character from different angles, all the better (saves $$!) but I can work with what you have.


What if we don’t have a mascot?

I can create one for you!


Who produces your soundtracks?

Usually, I do. (Most of my animation work has just happened to be solo produced although I have worked as part of a team and enjoy doing so.) Music is mostly sourced from stock although I have at times scored my own. For voice, I’ve sourced talent from all over the world … but if you have your own voice track that’s fine too.


Can you clean up our logo?



What if we don’t have a logo?

I can create one for you! In whatever format(s) you need.


How much do you charge?

For all of my projects, I typically charge for time spent plus third-party expenses (e.g., website plugins, voice talent, stock resources) passed along at cost. The end product is the client’s to use with no ongoing licensing owed to me. Every client and project is unique, so it’s difficult to give prices before I have details. But if you contact me with some general info I can give you some ballpark figures.


Can you tell me why my printer or router doesn’t work?

I’m sorry, but no.


Selected Current and Past Clients

Action Based Research
Akron Area YMCA
Alcon Tool
The BBQ Central Show
Betty Griffin Center
Bolt & Quarrel
Bookmark Brands
Braun Photography
M Campana Fitness
Capital Square Foundation
Cihlar Capital Management
The C.J. Dannemiller Co.
Core Staging
Current Concepts Institute
Cuyahoga Falls City Schools
Dar-Tech, Inc.
Energy Focus
Estes Freight
Ever Fit
EZ Grader
GPD Group
Hattie Larlham
Hitchock, Fleming & Assoc.
Int’l Machining Inc.
Int’l Merchant Services
KEM CreationsLeeners
Lexington Strategic
Lutheran Schools of Ohio
Megargel, Eskridge & Mullins, LLP
Mouse Tales Travel
Mudpuppies Sports & Sushi Bar
National Capital Trains
National REIA
Ondo Media
Peninsula Library & Hist. Society
Proximity Marketing
Radiocarb Genetics
Reliable Snow Plowing
Roadway Express
Skyvengers Cartoon
SPS Stone Group
SRB Capital
Stow Municipal Court
Stow-Munroe Falls Band Parents
Stow Soccer Club
Welty Building Company
YRC Freight

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