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The Dogs of Action Based Research

It’s hard to find a species more lovable than a dog, whether as a companion or as a corporate mascot. Two dogs? Twice the fun!

Back in 2010, the owners of Action Based Research owned two dogs named Mojo and Makeda. Seeing the growing popularity of animated greeting cards (including those like I’d done for GPD Group), the company approached me about doing a project using their canines as cartoon mascots.

The animated Mojo and Makeda starred in 5 holiday greetings for ABR. When their real-life counterparts crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2014, we did one more animation with them (“Life Lessons frmo Makeda & Mojo”) as a toast to new adventures.

It was then time to bring in a couple new mascot characters, the playful pups Eris and Onyx. This duo was featured in four more animated greetings for Action Based Research.

In 2022, Abby became the latest pooch to work for ABR, so I designed a new cartoon canine for the company. And since Onyx was no longer a puppy, I have her an updated look.

Action Based Research
Character Design/
Dave Stofka
Dave Stofka
Rod Antilla
Rex Crider
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Other Videos in the Series

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For something a little different, Mojo & Makeda heralded the holiday of Halloween with this spooky short from October 2011.

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The New Hires

Beating out numerous other candidates, Eris & Onyx made their debut as the new company mascots just in time for the holidays in 2015.

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Eris Van Winkle

2018 marked the 20th anniversary of ABR … and of some other illustrious entities, celebrated by this short and a social media campaign (see below).

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Happy 2019!

Another New Year, another animated greeting, once again featuring Eris & Onyx sending well wishes to ABR’s staff and clients.

Selected Artwork

Mojo & Makeda

The dogs who started it all went through many variations before we settled on just the right look.

Eris & Onyx

Onyx & Abby

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