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Coach Campana Logo Design & Animation

Logo design is an aesthetic process, so it can involve many rounds of revisions and tweaks. But when you arrive at a solid design, its impact catches fire.

Mark Campana approached me for a new website and also a logo design for his personal training business. An idea that quickly rose to the top of the stack involved incorporating a kettlebell. This was appropriate because campana means “church bell,” and the kettlebell (a descendant of the dumbbell named for its resemblance to a church bell apparatus but without the sound [i.e., dumb]) is an important tool for strength training. When Mark gave me a reference photo of him hoisting a kettlebell into the air, we determined this was the imagery we wanted to use.

M Campana Fitness
Design & Animation
Dave Stofka

Selected Artwork

The silhouette of Mark lifting a kettlebell was determined to be the best concept to serve as the focal point of the logo. But it needed a little more. Dozens of variations of the design were tried before we landed on just the right version.

Since the silhouetted pose seemed to evoke ancient Greek black-figure pottery, I framed the logo with another emblem of the times — the laurel wreath — to symbolize athleticism. Having the laurel leaves morph into flames proved to be just the right finishing touch.

In some versions I incorporated Lassa non similis dolor, Latin for Mark's motto "Tired isn't pain."

When it came time to update the website with a new design, I created an animated version of the logo using Moho Pro animation software.

I created a rig of the silhouette so the body could actually be made to raise the kettlebell into the air, and I rigged the leaves so they could individually sprout and ultimately burst into flame. With rigged animation I could precisely control the timing of the logo build.

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