Cartoon Commercial

Green Scoop Commercial

What better way to promote a pet waste removal service than with cartoon dogs?

When a Columbus-area small business needed Ondo Media to produce a music video, John Ondo reached out to me to create some custom animated segments. He provided me with an outline of the various animated segments that were needed but gave me a long leash to carry them out creatively.

Green Scoop had been using a cartoon dog and cat as part of their branding, but the video concept—an original hip-hop style jingle “Poop with Potential”—seemed to call for a larger cast of characters. So I developed a posse of five dogs of various breeds to be the stars of the show. And I designed the overall look of the animated segments to with bright colors and bold lines and typography that not only complemented the establish design of the company’s vans but worked with the feel of the music track.

Ondo then put the finished video together, cutting together my animation with live action footage for a fast-paced and catchy piece.

Green Scoop Pet Waste Management

Producer: John Ondo / Ondo Media

Selected Artwork

The Characters

Some early sketches that eventually led to the final character designs.

The Posse

From left are the finished canine characters: the golden retriever, Saint Bernard, spaniel, beagle, and bulldog.

The Van

The distinctive van needed to feature in the video but it had to be simplified and stylized to fit the look of the piece.


Arguably one of the most fun parts for me was embellishing this map with some fun blink-and-you'll-miss-them details. I don't think these Columbus, Ohio suburbs have gone to the dogs, but what if they did...?

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