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IMS / Peter Point O’Sale Animations

Animation is about bringing something to life … even when the protagonist happens to be a credit card terminal.

In the early 2000s when I was still with EIS ,Inc., we got an unusual request in the Creative Media department. Looking to boost corporate goodwill and employee morale (and of course increase sales), credit card processing firm International Merchant Services wanted us to create and animated a cartoon mascot. We’d created mascots before. But this particular species was a Dassault Talento hand-held credit card terminal and printer that was being rolled out to their customers.

International Merchant Services
Character Design/
Dave Stofka
Add’l Art & Story
Kathy Szczesny
Dave Breyley
Dave Gronauer / Enterprise Information Services, Inc.

Selected Artwork

After many attempts, I somehow managed to turn a boxy inanimate object into something with proportions that were more appealing and anthropomorphic … even if the hands and feet weren’t connected by visible arms and legs.

Though his mouth couldn’t speak because it was an LCD display, anything the character wanted to say could be printed out on paper emanating from the slot in his forehead.

With a solid design on paper, I turned to Macromedia Flash (it was the early 2000s) and built a library of shapes representing Peter’s head and body from all different angles, so he could be animated in “2½-D.” Using ActionScript code I allowed his laser point eyes and LCD facial expressions to be controlled programmatically from any point in the timeline.

[I wish I could remember who came up with the name — wasn’t me — but it worked!]

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